Information Sheets

Support Groups Checklist

Support Groups QLD works to support you to find your people. We aim to foster individual and collective wellbeing. Our door is always open to consult and assist new and existing groups to grow and sustain their members. Download our useful Support Groups Checklist (PDF)

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Funding Information Sheets

For new groups, in particular, it is not essential to focus on funding at the outset. Funding can come later, once the group decides on its function. However, it is crucial to consider what funds are required to run a peer support network and how this can be sourced. There are two main types of

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Tips For New Support Groups

There are no fixed rules about how a support group should operate. This is something that members will have to discuss and decide. The group should determine their purpose, how it will work and how decisions are made. Some groups prefer to keep their roles relatively informal, with members taking on various responsibilities as they

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Benefits of Support Groups

For many people, finding out they are ‘not the only one’ is one of the major benefits of peer support groups. Common ground and a common language help participants ‘feel normal’ again. Reduced depression has been documented as a benefit of peer support group attendance. For many participants, group membership provides benefits which go beyond

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Image: What is a Support Group

What is a Support Group?

A support group is a gathering of people, physically or online, to share information, experiences, problems and solutions, often relating to health or social issues. Support groups allow you to interact and connect with people who have been in a similar situation to you. Sharing information about similar experiences can help you understand more about

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