Funding Information Sheets


For new groups, in particular, it is not essential to focus on funding at the outset. Funding can come later, once the group decides on its function. However, it is crucial to consider what funds are required to run a peer support network and how this can be sourced. There are two main types of costs in running a peer support group:

  1. The variable costs of running each meeting; and
  2. The fixed costs of having a peer support network established.

Variable costs are the costs that are spent and changed with each peer support network meeting, such as room booking fees, tea and coffee, catering, staff delivery fees, transport costs, and information collection or delivery costs, including printing of handouts and alike.

Fixed costs do not change no matter how many peer support network meetings are held and include things like insurance.

A gold coin donation at the door is usually sufficient to cover the cost of morning tea while the group is in the early stages of its formation.

Get in touch with Support Groups Queensland to find out how your group could be supported. We also auspice groups on a case-by-case basis.

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