Support Groups Queensland is committed to listening to people using our services. We welcome constructive feedback as a way to help improve and develop our services and other activities. Specifically, we will:

  • Foster a service culture that encourages open and honest communication;
  • Offer a variety of channels for service users to provide feedback and participate in service development;
  • Offer anonymity to those providing feedback if desired;
  • Record and compile information arising from feedback and use it to improve services.
Promoting opportunities for feedback

Feedback can be provided by consumers on their initiative or in response to requests by the organisation as part of our service review or continuous improvement process.

Provision of contact details is optional to protect clients’ anonymity if required.

Stakeholders are particularly invited to make comments and provide feedback upon the Annual Report information.

Using feedback for service improvement

We keep records of feedback received from consumers and other stakeholders, both electronically and in hard copy.

Feedback forms are used as part of our continuous improvement process, and are reviewed on receipt. Where appropriate, adjustments to our services are made or feedback is referred to the Management Committee through the Coordinator for further analysis and decision-making.

Analysis of feedback is also used as part of our strategic planning processes and to aid service development or organisational effectiveness.

Should feedback take the form of a complaint the consumer is referred to the Support Groups Queensland’s Complaints policy, which is then implemented.