Laughter Clubs – Warwick

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Group Name
Laughter Clubs - Warwick
Group Description
Laughter Yoga is a fun & effective exercise program that can be adapted for anyone & everyone’s wellbeing.
Who can Join
anyone, all ages & abilities
Contact hours
meet 2nd Monday of the month at 11:00am
Where we meet
Cornerstones, 44 Grafton Street
In practising Laughter Yoga, you learn to be less stressed & more playful. You learn to look on the brighter, lighter side of life – even when facing challenges.
More Info
Laughter Yoga combines the deep cleansing breath of yoga with gentle stretches & playful exercise that evokes laughter.
Group Focus
Follow the leader in playful laughing exercises.
Area serviced
Brisbane South & Logan
Phone contact
Karen (07) 4699 1646
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