Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

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Muscular Dystrophy Queensland
Group Description
Muscular Dystrophy Queensland exist for people of Queensland who live with muscular dystrophy and other allied neuromuscular conditions. We offer whole-of-life services for clients, their families and carers throughout the State including remote and isolated regions where local services are extremely limited. We focus on improving the quality of peoples' lives by filling the gaps - the small but often life changing supports not provided by government and other non-government services.
Who can Join
To be eligible for our services you must live in Queensland and show evidence from a General Practitioner or specialist that you have muscular dystrophy or a neuromuscular condition.
Contact hours
Office: Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm.
Where we meet
1149 Sandgate Rd
Information and referral service Casework and advocacy Long term equipment loan program Crisis response program No Interest Loan Services (NILS) A range of short-term programs specialising in outreach, sport &, recreation and quality of life.
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Group Focus
We provide services for more the 60 different rare conditions that fall within the umbrella of the muscular dystrophies.
Area serviced
Brisbane North
Phone contact
1800 676 364 or (07) 3423 9700
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