GingerCloud Foundation

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Group Name
GingerCloud Foundation
Group Description
Everything we do advances the health & well being of young people with disability. A place where our young people & their families are understood, feel safe & secure, are included & belong!
Who can Join
Young people with a disability & their families/carers.
Contact hours
Please phone during working hours.
Where we meet
Unit 1, 23 Vauxhall Street
Support for families whose children learn & perceive differently. Programs offered - Modified Rugby Program (MRP); Disability Inclusion Leaders Program (DILP); Player2PlayerMentor Pathway (P2PM); Inclusive Work Experience Program.
More Info
We provide a way for ordinary Australians to experience what is awesome about these young people. Our focus is on sharing their greatness, not their limitations.
Group Focus
To remove the barriers experienced by young people with Autism or learning & perceptual disabilities, so they can live their best life.
Area serviced
Brisbane North
Phone contact
Mob 0403 333 044 or Megan 0410 654 812
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