Charcot Marie Tooth Association of Australia Inc

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Group Name
Charcot Marie Tooth Association of Australia Inc
Group Description
It is vital that people with CMT focus upon what they CAN do rather than on what they can't do. To assist in this area, our aims are to enhance the quality of life for people with CMT through: Providing the opportunity for people with CMT to speak with people who understand The distribution of information related to the welfare of people with CMT Promoting the development of facilities and services for people with CMT Actively supporting CMT research Conducting information seminars throughout Australia Maintaining an informative website with Facebook and Twitter links Sending regular newsletters to members Providing DVDs of seminars Promoting the establishment of support groups throughout Australia
Who can Join
People with CMT, carers of people with CMT, friends and family of people with CMT, medical and allied health professionals.
Contact hours
Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 1.00pm
Where we meet
Building 22, Concord Hospital
Concord, NSW
Phone support Email and online support Meetings Seminars Newsletters Facebook and Twitter social media
More Info
CMT is a disease caused by genetic faults. In some cases they are inherited, in others the fault is a new mutation in the gene.
Group Focus
Providing information & support with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.
Area serviced
Far North Qld, North Qld, Western Qld, Central Qld, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs West Moreton, Brisbane North, Brisbane South & Logan, Gold Coast
Phone contact
(02) 9767 5105 or 0458 630 631
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