Breast Cancer Support Group – Carindale Dragons Abreast

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Breast Cancer Support Group - Carindale Dragons Abreast
Group Description
Breast cancer survivors of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests. We are founded on the principles of participation and inclusiveness.
Who can Join
men and women affected by breast cancer, their family and carers
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Our groups offer ‘come and try’ days where you can experience the enjoyment of dragon boat paddling. We provide a human face to the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in the wonderful and strenuous sport of dragon boat racing.
More Info
High on our list of priorities are having fun, trying new things, meeting interesting people & being involved in a challenging, physical activity whilst promoting breast cancer awareness.
Group Focus
An understanding network for breast cancer survivors who participate in the sport of dragon boat paddling.
Area serviced
Brisbane South & Logan
Phone contact
1300 889 566
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