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Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc
Group Description
Founded in 2010, Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc. (AAAF) is established to be the national Australia body supporting research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for all forms of Alopecia Areata, support those with the disease and their families, and inform the public about all forms of Alopecia Areata. The AAAF Committee consists of a group of dedicated individuals who work full-time or have their own business. They contribute their time, knowledge, passion &, contacts to assist the Foundation to achieve our mission. AAAF is providing a centralised medium to connect you with your community members, which support all facets of Alopecia Areata. AAAf has established online Facebook support groups for each state in Australia. AAAF is raising funds to bring Alopecia Areata awareness into the community, through information sharing AAAF is striving to eradicate the inequality of Alopecia Areata sufferers within our schools, our work environments and our government. Our Mission - to support research into a cure or acceptable treatment for Alopecia Areata, to provide support to those with all forms of Alopecia Areata, and their families, and to inform the public and create awareness of Alopecia Areata.
Who can Join
AAAF is open to anyone with Alopecia Areta or family members
Contact hours
Anytime by email to
Where we meet
PO Box 5029
The current support groups vary in their specific objectives, average age groups and memberships, but they do share a common goal, to provide alopecia areata sufferers, their families and friends a warm, comfortable environment to share experiences. Meetings are held regularly and ideas are shared amongst the groups. Not all meetings are listed on our calendar so please contact the support group in your region for meeting schedules.
More Info
People who have Alopecia Areata and their family members often experience a variety of emotions so if any of the below needs further exploration please feel welcome to contact AAAF: * Feeling alone, withdrawn, and isolated * Loss and grief * Fear that others may find out you have the disease * Scared that others may find out that you wear a wig * Sadness and depression * Anger * Embarrassment * Guilt or self-blame that you somehow brought the disease on yourself * Guilt related to how the disease is affecting family members and loved ones * Helpless in regard to searching for answers or cure (going to extremes) * For parents, guilt that they may have genetically contributed to their child's disease * For siblings and other family members, shame and hurt because the disease has also affected their lives
Group Focus
All forms of Alopeica Areata Alopeica Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Androgenetic etc
Area serviced
Far North Qld, North Qld, Western Qld, Central Qld, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs West Moreton, Brisbane North, Brisbane South & Logan, Gold Coast
Phone contact
0411 091 233
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