Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS)

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Group Name
Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS)
Group Description
Facilitated for members to share experiences, enjoy the support and company of others, make connections with those who may be facing similar challenges and provide much needed emotional support.
Who can Join
People with asbestos related disease, their families, friends/carers, unions, asbestos industry representatives and related government departments.
Contact hours
Where we meet
Gold Coast
By membership. Social care programs. All calls are treated in a confidential manner & without judgment.
More Info
Access to information from medical specialists, lawyers.
Group Focus
To talk with others who are experiencing the same thing, patients, carers & loved ones alike.
Area serviced
Brisbane North
Phone contact
1800 776 412 - emergency support 24 hours a day on 0427 785 873
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