Social Prescribing: Connecting People for Better Health

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Watch: Social Prescribing and Better Health

In this video, Selina shared a presentation at the Royal Brisbane Hospital about social prescribing and its impact on improving health and wellbeing.

Selina discussed the importance of support groups, the evidence behind their effectiveness, and how they provide access to new information and increased social connections.

She also touches on social prescribing and its five fundamental principles. If you want to learn more about how support groups can make a difference in people’s lives, this video is for you.

The Results of Effective Social Prescribing​

A range of international studies shows an 18% or more drop in repeat attendance in primary health settings.​

“Report on the 18-month evaluation of social prescribing in Queensland”, Sharman, L et al. 2023 found:

  • Reduced loneliness 
  • Improved perception of their health 
  • Improved social trust 
  • Improved wellbeing

*At the 18-month mark, peer support groups were one of the main referrals that showed continued engagement.