We Help Support Groups

Support Groups Queensland (SGQ) offers assistance to help support groups plan, start, support and fundraise.

How We Help?

  • Referrals to Self Help and Support Groups for health conditions and related issues – locally, nationally or internationally
  • Free, online searchable Directory of Queensland Self Help and Support Groups on our website
  • Information and assistance to people thinking of starting a new self help or support group
  • Support and information to existing groups
  • Networking and training opportunities for groups and group members
  • Assistance to groups to help identify needs and problem solve
  • Information about resources for groups
  • Group capacity building projects
  • Auspicing of unincorporated groups (under certain circumstances)
  • Assistance to groups to identify possible funding opportunities and building resources
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter providing information about support groups – to groups, professionals and the general community
  • Opportunities for groups to promote their work through social media and our networks.