Kidney Health Australia Support Group for Men – Maroochydore

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Group Name
Kidney Health Australia Support Group for Men - Maroochydore
Group Description
Brings together all kinds of people affected by kidney disease & provides a great opportunity for people to meet & share their experiences.
Who can Join
patients, families and carers of those living with kidney disease
Contact hours
Where we meet
phone or email for details
Gathering with other members of the community can help people feel less alone in their journey. It also allows those affected by kidney disease to connect with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges.
More Info
Events are diverse & range from casual get-togethers to peer support, spanning topics such as management & treatment types.
Group Focus
Support & sharing information about providing appropriate & effective kidney care.
Area serviced
Phone contact
Peter 0438 760 964 or call 1800 454 363
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