ICE Affecting Families CQ

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Group Name
ICE Affecting Families CQ
Group Description
A self help / support group for families who have someone affected by ICE. The group aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people to offload some of the stresses caused by the ripple effect of ICE. A place to share what is and isn't working for you.
Who can Join
The group welcomes people who have a family member affected by ICE. It's for people in similar situations who just need someone to talk to and who understands. We are not counsellors, just families trying to help our affected family member.
Contact hours
Email or Facebook
Where we meet
6.30 pm every second Thursday; Yeppoon Community Centre - Room C
Fortnightly meetings
More Info
The group does not provide legal or medical advice.
Group Focus
ICE Addiction
Area serviced
Central Qld
Phone contact
0142 990 3004
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