Brisbane Women’s Club

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Group Name
Brisbane Women's Club
Group Description
Members connect with a community of like-minded people who want to give back, enjoy discounted networking & social events & are able to support local women’s charities through the BWC Charitable Giving Program.
Who can Join
Membership is open to all persons who align with our values, support our charitable objectives & pay our membership fee.
Contact hours
Mon: 10:00am - midday; Tues: 10:00am - 1:30pm; Wed: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Where we meet
26 Mary Street
Brisbane City
Book club, DVD day, luncheons throughout the year.
More Info
Join a community of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds & experience who want to make positive change for the Women of Brisbane.
Group Focus
Purpose is to be a positive force for change for the women of Brisbane.
Area serviced
Brisbane North
Phone contact
(07) 3359 5630
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