4 Voices

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4 Voices
Group Description
We offer connection to girls & women who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing social isolation, domestic & family violence, homelessness & digital exclusion.
Who can Join
Girls & women who may feel isolated, unhappy, or unable to emerge from their own plight.
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Everyone has a need for connection to others. But needs differ. Building self-esteem in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. We enable girls & women to connect socially & digitally & to make connections with their community & through employment.
More Info
Ours is a free service, made possible by generous donations. We help girls & women find their own voice through connection. Sometimes, all that is needed is a smile, a few words of encouragement, a hug or a connection with others experiencing similar feelings.
Group Focus
Providing girls & women connection through Social, Digital, Employment & Community.
Area serviced
Brisbane North
Phone contact
0427 244 685 or 0419 881 320
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