Klinefelter Syndrome Australia Inc – Qld

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Klinefelter Syndrome Australia Inc - Qld
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We are a support group located in Queensland to provide support to families of a child diagnosed with Klinefelters.
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anyone is welcome to join
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Chromosome Structure XY & Variations are dedicated in helping children, families & partners affected by Chromosome Variations.
Group Focus
Klinefelter's syndrome (KS) affects males. Instead of the usual one X chromosome in every cell, they have two (or more) X chromosomes in every cell, instead of the usual one.
Area serviced
Far North Qld, North Qld, Western Qld, Central Qld, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs West Moreton, Brisbane North, Brisbane South & Logan, Gold Coast
Phone contact
0423 050 277
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