Indigo Hackers

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Group Name
Indigo Hackers
Group Description
A group which is a safe place (virtual/in person) for people who can program/ code (mental health issues / medical conditions / unemployed / LGBTIQ+/etc) to work on collaborative programming projects or talk about technology or find a buddy to look into a topic/new programming language together. Group name is inspired by the Blue Hackers initiative ( but not affiliated with it & is completely independent.
Who can Join
Anyone who has an interest in programming/technology or who can program & who has lived experience or understands or is supportive of people with mental health issues/medical conditions/unemployed/LGBTIQ+/etc.
Contact hours
Days/Times are determined by availability of current members.
Where we meet
Remote - Online/In person - Greater Brisbane.
Meet virtually on jitsi. Maybe create a private discord group???
More Info
Depending on group composition, meet at The Edge at SLQ or Brisbane City Council Library Meeting rooms which are free for community groups - either choose libraries close to public transport or close to current membership. Depending on membership, one could alternate locations on a fortnightly basis.
Group Focus
A group for people to do programming/coding & talk about technology in an inclusive environment.
Area serviced
Far North Qld, North Qld, Western Qld, Central Qld, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Darling Downs West Moreton, Brisbane North, Brisbane South & Logan, Gold Coast
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