Helping Ourselves Through Helping Each Other

Support group details

Group Name
Helping Ourselves Through Helping Each Other
Group Description
It will be support group that is centred on the concept of helping others and thinking outside your situation as a therapeutic process. It is completely free and we plan to meet every second Friday night at 7:15pm in East Brisbane. Whilst a large portion of this support group is aimed at sharing journeys and seeking support from others, we will primarily be focusing on doing activities that will benefit others in the group as well as people in the wider community. The concept remains very open and will develop as a collaborative process among group members, but a couple of suggestions of activities that might be involved include baking sweets to take to kids in hospitals or the elderly in nursing homes, making toys for children, or (if we have people this way inclined) knitting scarfs and blankets for the homeless. This will all be done on site and whilst we discuss troubles and triumphs that we have experienced in our lives between meetings.
Who can Join
Anyone, however, the group will be especially concerned with people who identify as having depression or depressive symptoms.
Contact hours
Available to take calls or emails at most times, however, please call within reasonable hours.
Where we meet
Fortnightly meetings (every second Friday at 7:15 - time open to change based on member's availabilities)
More Info
Group Focus
Depression, anxiety, symptoms of depression (does not have to be diagnosed)
Area serviced
Brisbane South & Logan
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